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NUM accuses Harmony of prioritizing profit over people

The South African labour union NUM’s Matlosana Region has planned a protest march to Harmony Gold in Matlosana as it claims the company is running a capitalist agenda at the expense of the well being of its workers. 

A statement from The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) reads:

“Our Matlosana Region members  will march to the uncaring, untransformed and exploitative Harmony Gold in Vaal Reefs Orkney.

Harmony Gold bought various shafts in Vaal Reefs Orkney from AngloGold Ashanti and took over the operations in March 2018.

“The workforce had hoped that with new owners the uncaring attitude, lack of transformation and exploitation will be a thing of the past.

“However, capitalists have the same agenda of maximizing accumulation of wealth at the expense of the working class and the exploitation has intensified.

“The human resources management that for years have shown no interests in workers was absorbed from AngloGold Ashanti by Harmony Gold and they are continuing with their arrogant exploitative behaviour towards workers.

“Humiliation and dismissal of workers who are NUM members is a daily occurrence.

“This is a strategy for management to liquidate NUM and impose their sweetheart union as the majority union at the mine. NUM leadership and entire membership will not fold their arms and not fight back.

“Since Harmony took over, there has been an increase of illegal miners who are freely staying in the mine’s property and are allegedly terrorising and raping women in the area.

“There was an incident of a woman raped by around 15 illegal miners and the mine has done nothing so far to ensure that its properties are not hubs of rapists.

“Despite all the dangers faced by workers and community at large, Harmony Gold is refusing to provide transport for workers from their residential areas to shafts.

“The exploitative behaviour of Harmony Gold is evident in the way it approaches the current wage negotiations.

“Harmony Gold is not willing to increase salaries like their industry peers in the gold sector.

“There has to be a change of heart by Harmony Gold or NUM Matlosana Region will have no other option except to mobilise all workers to withdraw their labour.

“The NUM Matlosana Regions invites all workers to join in a protest march to raise all concerns with the company.

The protest march to Moab Khotsong is scheduled as follows:

Date:   21 August 2018
Time:   14h00
Venue: Moab khotsong Mine