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Positive resolution for seized personnel at Tula Kapi

As announced on 29 September 2021 and on 18 October 2021, certain security issues had arisen during September 2021. These led the security authorities to request a suspension of site inspections and community consultations, and therefore KEFI and the Project company, Tulu Kapi Gold Mines Share Company, to temporarily pause the finance finalisation and launch of the Project to ensure that these matters were satisfactorily addressed.

The particular company-specific issue, that can only now be reported following their safe release on 23 October 2021, was the abduction of four TKGM employees and contractors, captured during inspections of traffic routes for the Project. KEFI very much appreciates their safe and unharmed release without any conditions.

All four are now reunited with their families.
The company has expressed its gratitude to all stakeholders involved in the incident’s calm, disciplined and successful management.

The welfare of its employees, contractors and their families is its first priority and it reiterates its request that the media respect the privacy of the individuals concerned and their families to avoid unnecessary further distress.

This incident reinforces the importance of safety for all stakeholders involved in the Project, the community, TKGM and its employees and contractors, the international financiers and other parties committed to the safety and success of the Tulu Kapi Project.