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Rift Valley Resources advances exploration activities at Ozango in Angola

Angola – ASX-listed minerals explorer Rift Valley Resources has made significant progress on the exploration initiatives underway at its 70% owned Ozango project in Angola.

Highlights include:

  • Trenching and bulk sampling of Longonjo rare earths prospect completed;
  • Rare earth metallurgical test work in progress;
  • Concession wide stream sediment programme has commenced;
  • Airborne geophysical survey in progress; and
  • Preparations for drilling at the Cassenha Hill copper – gold prospect nearing completion.

Longonjo rare earth prospect (Ozango target area)

A bulk sample has been collected from a trench cut across the Longonjo rare earths mineralisation. The material sampled was dispatched from Luanda, Angola to Nagrom Laboratories in Perth for use in the current metallurgical test work programme.

The Angolan Institute of Geology (INGEO) was helpful in ensuring that the inspection and shipment of the sample was done in a timely manner. The test work programme will include quantitative metallurgy (QEMSCAN), flotation and leach recovery test work in order to assess the metallurgical response of the mineralisation and is expected to take approximately six weeks.

The results of this programme will subsequently feed into a desktop study for the Longonjo rare earth elements target.

Bongo gold prospect (Ozango target area)

A concession wide stream sediment programme has been initiated over the Ozango project. The first pass will collect over 600 samples to complete a geochemical screen over the 3 762 km² concession on a nominal 5 km² catchment area.

An ultrafine (‐63 μm) sample will be collected at site and submitted for multi element analysis, as received. Sampling has been prioritised to target structures and deformation zones, interpreted from satellite imagery, in the initial stages before completing the remainder of the project area.

Ozango project airborne survey

A nationwide survey is being carried out by the Angolan Government and a broad spaced aeromagnetic and coincident radiometric survey is currently being flown over the company’s project area. The National Geological Survey is funding the initiative and flying 1 km line spacings at a height of 200 m.

Upon receipt of the raw data Rift Valley can elect, at its own cost, to tighten the survey over some or all of the Ozango concession. It is envisaged that the geophysical images and subsequent interpretation, in combination with the aforementioned geochemical data, will quickly and efficiently delineate targets for advanced exploration.

Cassenha Hill copper/gold prospect

Preparations for the upcoming drilling programme at the Cassenha Hill copper – gold prospect are well advanced.    Fortuitously, the local government has nearly completed upgrading over 30 km of road from the bitumen at Longonjo to Catabola with sheeted road. The remaining 16 km has concurrently been completed by the company.  Diamond drilling will target the depth extensions of high grade copper and gold intersections returned from costean sampling at surface, and channel sampling from within the exploration adits at Cassenha Hill.