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Volt Resources joins European Raw Materials Alliance

Volt Resources has joined the European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA). Launched by the European Union Commission in September 2020, the ERMA network brings together a number of organisations from the public and private sectors covering the entire raw materials value chain.

MD, Trevor Matthews, comments:

“With the acquisition of the Zavalievsky graphite business completed and Volt’s status as a producer of graphite products in Europe, membership of the two key EU sponsored battery materials alliances provide the opportunity to build relationships and obtain access to capital to support the expansion and product development plans for the European graphite business.

“Combined with the future production of graphite products from the development ready Bunyu Project in Tanzania and plans for processing capacity to supply the LIB industry in the United States, Volt will be uniquely positioned as a globally significant and diversified graphite producer.”

With two world class graphite resources incorporated in a strategically located operating mine and processing plant in Ukraine along with a development ready project in Tanzania, Volt is well positioned to become a globally significant graphite producer. Volt plans to become a battery anode material producer in Europe and the United States based on an integrated supply chain using graphite produced from its own operations.

This provides security and continuity of supply for the business and the ability to manage product quality through the graphite supply chain through to the LIB manufacturers and for other graphite product end users.

The ERMA network brings together a growing number of organisations from the public and private sectors covering the entire raw materials value chain. The alliance is initially focused on increasing EU resilience in the supply chains for batteries, fuel cells and rare earth magnets and motors.

The alliance is a unique network of organisations across the raw materials value chain consisting to date of 130+ companies, 50+ associations, 20+ universities and research organizations, next to several financial institutions, national authorities, ministries and NGOs in Europe and beyond.

The strategic scope of the ERMA entails the identification of investment cases to build capacities across raw materials value chains, from mining to recovery and product design for a circular economy.

In relation to opportunities for investment, the ERMA offers the following:

  • A consultation process to pre-align with public stakeholders on preliminary investment themes and cases in order to create buy-in and identify critical bottlenecks such as regulations, permits or operating licenses.
  • Technical and market intelligence supporting a high investment attractiveness of cases based on their strategic relevance, impact and financial metrics.
  • Investment matchmaking through the Raw Materials Investment Platform to ensure high investment success rates. Various financing sources (grant, equity, loan, mixed) will be part of this process, with individual investment volumes and structures.