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Webinar TODAY: Are Ghana’s prospects being impacted by limited power?

08h00 GMT | 08h00 London |10h00 WAST | 10h00 Johannesburg | 16h00 Perth

It seems Ghana and South Africa have a few things in common – mature mining industries and very unreliable power supply from their state-owned electricity providers.

While regulation in South Africa regarding alternative power sources, ie. Renewable energy is making significant headway for the private sector, where does Ghana stand in this regard? It appears the country’s power problems are escalating and miners’ ability to rely on grid power is rapidly decreasing. How is this affecting growth within the mining sector?

To ensure a robust and sustainable industry, Ghana’s government needs to ensure the country’s power problem is addressed or alternative sources of electricity are incentivised to reduce grid reliance and guarantee that power is not a constraint for developing new mining projects in the country.

Join Africa Mining Forum and Mining Review Africa for a live discussion as we discuss the opportunities for driving sustainable power investments in West Africa’s most developed mining market. The discussion will also focus on what juniors should consider in the early stages of project development to ensure they can deliver sustainable projects, that still deliver returns for investors.

Key discussion points will include:

  • Ghana’s grid power challenges unpacked
  • How can juniors prepare for the power challenges at feasibility study stage?
  • Insights from projects developers and IPPs: key projects in Ghana presenting their solutions to ensuring reliable power generation in their mine
  • How is Ghana’s power problem affecting investor perception?
  • Do diesel powered Gensets still have a role in delivering stable power supply in an era being driven by ESG requirements?
  • Can a hybrid power solution work?


Solomon Asomoah, CEO, Ghana Infrastructure Investment Funds, Ghana


Laura Cornish, Editor-In-Chief, Mining Review Africa