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White paper: Time dependent failure of open stopes at Target mine

There are numerous factors which affect open stope stability and often result in falls of ground. These falls of ground can be attributed to a number of factors such as beam failure due to a larger than normal roof area (hydraulic radius too large), adverse ground conditions, seismicity, the stress-strain environment, absence of support and poor drill and blast practices. The effect of time on the stability of open stopes is sometimes underestimated and relatively unknown, especially on Harmony Gold’s Target mine.

This white paper provides an analysis of actual data collected from open stopes at Target mine. The analysis thereof is used to show the effect of time on open stope failure. The benefits of this analysis will result in improved understanding of time dependent failure which can assist in reduced dilution and the risk of sterilisation of future mining blocks.

Compared with most Australian and Canadian open stoping mining operations, Target Mine is unique.

Download the full white paper, supplied by AMMSA, here to find out why: Time Dependent Failure of Open Stopes at Target Mine