Health and safety

Global mining executives predict class action lawsuit

According to 800 global mining executives, the mining industry is set to face a series of health-related class actions in the coming decade.


Collaboration between Booyco & Ramjack optimises technology value

Technological specialisation demands expertise, skill sets and hardware that extend beyond what single multinational companies can provide.

Mining Elites in Africa 2021: Putting technology to work

Digital technology enhances planning and monitoring, making for safer and more efficient operations.

Mining industry reaches vaccination milestone of +100,000

Currently there are 45 mine-based vaccination sites that are operational, with a further 14 sites at which accreditation is still pending.

Will 0% alcohol tolerance reduce unsafe driving behaviour?

The main goal of the new law is to promote road safety and reduce alcohol related accidents. ALCO-Safe supports this idea entirely.

Taking stock at global impact assessment summit

“Digital technologies in impact assessment has worked well in the developed world, but in Africa we still have issues that hinder progress."

Dismissals, resignations and retrenchments in a Covid world

South Africa’s labour laws are evolving, and as with any legislation, they are often open to interpretation, and therefore to contention.