MRA Elites 2021

Mining Elites in Africa 2021: Nominations now open

Nominations for the Mining Elites in Africa 2021 publication, produced by Mining Review Africa are now open. Submit your nominations for the leaders and projects truly making a difference in the African mining sector.

Designed for safety: a new approach to belt conveyors

The design delivers extends service life, lowers belt wear, significantly reduces maintenance, and improves safety.

Where is the reference point for modernisation in the mining industry?

Where does the mining industry stand at present in terms of technology adoption and how this is predicted to increase in the coming years?

Underground ADTs feature latest remote control technology

The remote capability allows the machine to be operated in dangerous conditions where it might not be safe for an operator.
GCS sustainable esg

Supply chain collaboration gains momentum to next generation vehicles

The initiative seeks what is needed to transform today’s fleet of mining vehicles into tomorrow’s new generation of cleaner, safer vehicles.

MINEARC Your safety GuardIAN

MineARC has introduced the concept of a digitally connected network of nodes capable of feeding real-time digital monitoring information.
Dr Thuthula Balfour Minerals Council

Dr Thuthula Balfour: Fighting the unrecognised pandemic

As a collective, we can organise reprioritise other medical conditions in the era of COVID-19.” - Dr Thuthula Balfour

Ebola outbreak in the DRC officially declared over

Authorities declared that a previous outbreak of Ebola in the Eastern DRC – the second largest in history – ended after nearly two years.

New asbestos abatement regulations published

There are certain employer duties from the old regulations that live on in the new regulations although with some modifications.
new normal covid

Have your say about mining in the ‘new normal’

Did you know that Africa received less than one third of the global $3 billion exploration investment in 2019?
South Africa coronavirus covid-19

How to adapt to ensure safety and sustainability after COVID-19

“Our current scenario modelling estimates that 15% to 25% of South Africa's 2020 output has been lost due to lockdown."

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