The impact of COVID-19 on the mining sector

At the time of writing there are over 400 000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 across 194 countries. Even the most optimistic analysts expect a global recession.
Resolute Mining

Resolute Mining donates to COVID-19 support funds

Africa-focused gold miner Resolute Mining has committed more than US$1 million to support African host governments in their response efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic.
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Holistic approach needed to close the gender gap

Many companies still procure male and/or unisex safety wear due to a lack of understanding that the anatomy of a women differs greatly to that of a man.

State autopsy service plays an integral role in compensation

The autopsy service performed by the NIOH Pathology Division is a statutory requirement for deceased miners, in line with the ODMWA.
Murray & Roberts safety

Learning and sharing key to safety progress

With its sights set on Zero Harm Murray & Roberts Cementation is pushing the boundaries with new approaches and initiatives to improve safety.
tailings dam Brumadinho

Tailings management: What has changed since Brumadinho?

While the scale and consequences of the Brumadinho dam failure were extreme, other tailings dam failures have occurred on a regular basis.
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COVID-19: What to do if you are stranded abroad

COVID-19 has left many travelling South Africans stranded in foreign countries and who are now unable to return home to their families.
black swan covid-19 coronavirus economy financial

COVID-19: Black Swans and dark days

The COVID-19 pandemic will be recorded as one of the most devastating Black Swan events ever in modern history. No industry will emerge unaffected.
COVID-19 Coronavirus menar

State of Disaster – what it means for the mining sector

The mining sector and mining companies are under a legal obligation to create and maintain a safe working environment for mine workers.
coronavirus covid-19

CoronaFighter WebApp lets you track your symptoms

CoronaFighter is a web-enabled app that allows you to track your symptoms through a simplified automated self-monitoring process.

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