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The COVID-19 pandemic will be recorded as one of the most devastating Black Swan events ever in modern history. No industry will emerge from this period unaffected, and in some cases absolutely ruined.

Everyday the mining the global mining industry issues reports and statement regarding the status of their operations with several in Africa resorting to care and maintenance protocols.

It seems the Democratic Republic of Congo will bear the greatest risk burden.

The country is one of the largest contributors to global mining production when ranked by the sheer monetary value of the mining sector.

The DRC has significant foreign involvement, with at least 25 international mining companies operating in it.

There have been 48 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country since the first confirmed case on 10 March – one of the smaller totals on the continent.

Jacques Kyabula, the governor of Haut-Katanga province has since issued a lockdown order. This is significant as the province is a copper and cobalt heartland.

When combined with Lualaba province Haut-Katanga accounts for almost all the country’s cobalt production.

This is a huge concern for the country which is on the brink on becoming a mining superpower.

From a global perspective the lowering of commodity price assumptions by Fitch Ratings has unsettled miners and their relative markets.

Nobody knows for certain, amidst a sea of speculation, what the immediate and long-term future scenarios are for a prolonged lockdown or, hopefully, resuming business and beginning to recover from the Blackest of The Black Swan events.

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