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Health and safety technology trends a top priority

As companies across the world continually strive to create safer working environments, now, more than ever, a renewed focus is placed on the health and safety of human capital and the enhancement of safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ) cultures and management systems.

Atvance Empowered Risk Management (AERM) is a trusted institution with 18 years’ experience in establishing a measurable and sustainable culture of health, safety, environment, risk and quality for clients through tailored risk management solutions and training. 

According to Espee Hattingh, general manager Expert Solutions and Consulting, AERM’s customer centric and practical approach entrenches the company as a long-term partner in organisations.

“Our solutions embed safety cultures, from legislated requirements to behavioural compliance – from all different levels within the business structure,” he says.

“We believe that SHEQ wellbeing begins with people”, says Hattingh.

“Our aim is to support our clients through establishing a sustainable culture and increasing their skills and practical training profile, whilst reducing liability and protecting human capital.

“While organisations focus on their core business, our team of experts will assist clients with the design, development and implementation of all SHEQ management solutions.”

“We are leaders in the field of SHEQ risk management across a range of industries including mining, construction, government and private; we also believe that driving responsibility and awareness from management levels downwards motivates a culture of risk reduction,” says Herman Roets, general manager SHEQ Solutions, Mining and Related.

“Proper safety training and safety measures are pivotal to protect workers from dangerous injuries, loss of productivity and downtime,” he adds. “We focus on cultivating a day-to-day safety awareness among all employees in their diverse environments that is easy to understand and easy to sustain”.

When your risks are not kept in check, it can greatly affect your employees, the environment, the local community and also your bottom line.

AERM believes that SHEQ is not a luxury, but an imperative in an evolving business landscape and is assisting companies across the board to safeguard their employees and their business while increasing productivity and creating value.