Australian mining engineering firm Lycopodium has joined the fight against COVID-19 by designing and fabricating an electrically operated ventilator for use as an emergency backup in the event of a ventilator shortage.

The portable unit, which is independent of piped oxygen supply, delivers breaths by compressing an Ambu bag mask with a pivoting cam arm, eliminating the need for a human operator. It is based on a concept developed by MIT in 2010 and is being developed locally in Perth, Western Australia, in collaboration with ECG Engineering (which is partly owned by Lycopodium) and the company’s long-term industry partner, Alloytech.

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Manufactured in Just two weeks and two days, the ventilator was tested at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Western Australia.

The cost to produce an initial 100 units will be borne directly by the parties involved.

The units can be used in Australia, if needed, or sent to support the communities where we operate in Africa, including Ghana or Burkina Faso.

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