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MICROMINE hits back at COVID-19 with free software

Mining software leader MICROMINE has come up with an innovative response as the mining community faces downtime because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The software supplier is offering the mining community free access during April to its leading general mining package, Micromine 2020.

The exploration and mining solution has proven invaluable for mining projects for more than 3 decades.

The mining industry is a major driver of economic growth, so it is imperative that business continues as usual, where possible.

MICROMINE is closely monitoring the impact of COVID-19 and believes it’s important that their customers know MICROMINE stands behind them during this downtime.

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Micromine’s bundle offering is through a secure online platform issuing node-locked licences to your inbox within 24-48hrs – ready to use.

Micromine 2020 offers integrated tools for modelling, estimation, design, optimisation and scheduling.

MICROMINE are committed to ensuring that all products and services will perform to the high standards valued customers have come to expect during this downtime, and as such Micromine’s support and training will also carry on virtually where face to face events cannot take place. Please visit our webpage for more information.  

The wellbeing of our customers, business partners and employees is our highest priority at MICROMINE, and we are dedicated to tailoring our service to best meet the needs of the industry and this offer is no exception.

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The mining community can contact us to ask about accessing our mining bundles for FREE during APRIL, or visit micromine.com for more details. Offer is available to the mining community until 30 April 2020.

Micromine is a comprehensive and easy to use exploration and mine design solution, which offers integrated tools for modelling, estimation, design, optimisation and scheduling. Micromine provides users with an in-depth understanding of your projects, so prospective regions can be targeted more accurately, increasing the chance of your project’s success. Miners are provided with interactive and easy-to-use modelling, estimation, and design tools to simplify your day-to-day design and production tasks. The latest version of MICROMINE’s exploration and mine design solution, Micromine 2020, comprises 11 modules. As a scalable and flexible solution, Micromine 2020 provides you with the flexibility to choose the functionality you need when you need it. Additionally, the focus on 64-bit in Micromine 2020 means that you can work more efficiently and with more data than ever before. Increase your productivity and cost efficiencies with Micromine 2020.