NUM is shocked and highly disappointed that another mineworker has lost his life at Modikwa Platinum Mine.

STATEMENT: Issued by The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM)

The incident was reportedly a fall of ground.

Modikwa Platinum Mine is one of the biggest platinum producers in the Eastern Limb, situated next to Driekop in Limpopo (South Africa).

We are saying one death is too many and we call on the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) to start implementing the Mine Health and Safety Act to its fullest.

It is high time that the department starts with a process to amend the Mine Health and Safety Act no. 29 of 1996 section 86A 45, in that those who are legally appointed by section 4.1 and section 3.1 of the Act should be held responsible for any death that happens within their area of responsibility.

We further call for a harsher sentencing of such perpetrators if found guilty of any wrongdoing and we appeal to the lawmakers to propose a long sentencing and heavy penalty to any mine that kills a person.

We strongly believes that drastic action is needed to compel the mining industry to comply with safety standards and procedures.

We remain of the view that the state must undertake a technical audit into the mining industry to amongst others do an audit of the aging and ailing infrastructure that continue to fail hundreds of miners and leaving thousands of people as orphans.

We call on the state to hold the industry fully accountable for its failures and adopt a no-nonsense approach when it comes to mine deaths.