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Industry 4: Where safety and innovation meet

Trysome Auto-Electrical Engineering, the largest, single-source supplier of auto-electrical, heavy-duty components, collision avoidance systems and associated technical services in southern Africa is geared to meet the mining industry’s evolving demand to comply with safety legislation which can be achieved through the adoption of innovative technologies in line with Mining Industry 4.0.

In an era of extreme volatility in commodity markets, increased operating costs, rapidly declining productivity resulting in staff rationalisation, future gains in efficiency and competitiveness will be driven by the adoption of innovative technologies and processes.

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Trysome CEO Eddie Smith says that throughout its 28 years of existence, the company has transformed the business from that of a traditional auto-electrical parts trader to an engineering entity by adopting the latest technologies to design and build auto-electrical equipment, with improved manufacturing processes and safety systems able to solve problems and achieve practical goals for its customers.

Fostering global technology partnerships

Staying abreast of current market trends, Trysome continues to broker global partnerships to bring innovative, digital solutions to the local mining industry with a big focus on real-time information monitoring systems (RTIMS).

Some of the company’s recent collaborations include:

  • Walz volumetric and portable scales – Walzuses laser technology and advanced algorithms to provide a dynamic, non-contact solution for managing material truck loads. This technology is poised to revolutionise the bulk material transportation industry;
  • Pervidi paperless safety inspection – The Pervidi software offers tailored interfaces and integration cutting down traditional manual safety inspection time by 50%;
  • Alert Meter – A non-invasive, user-friendly way to instantly make sure that employees are fit for work; and
  • ProxyVolt – A state-of-the-art device used for detecting the electrostatic field of any AC power line no matter the current flow. ProxyVoltprovides both audible and visual warning signals to alert the operator when equipment comes within the set proximity of a power line reducing risk and improving site safety.

Using digital technology to drive Zero Harm

With a serious focus on safety, Trysome has recently extended its decade-old relationship with digital mining solutions provider, Hexagon Mining, to help companies throughout southern Africa better pursue their goal of Zero Harm.

This is particularly welcome news for mining companies seeking the technology and service to comply with South Africa’s safety regulations for all trackless mobile machinery, such as trucks. This includes Level-9 autobraking and intervention controls, which require technologies that automatically intervene and take some form of machine control to prevent or mitigate an unsafe action.

Other solutions offered as part of the partnership include collision avoidance, operator alertness, personal protection and reverse assist.

Additionally, with the advent of the hybrid vehicle, which is poised to advance in Africa earlier than in the rest of the world, Trysome is gearing its product range and services to cater to the new technologies in electric vehicles.

Local content

Trysome has traditionally located its operations in the communities where mining is prevalent, both in South Africa and across its borders and is planning to expand its footprint in both territories early in 2020, in line with new demand.

By leveraging the procurement specifications of Mining Charter III, which are driving a change in strategy and business model with a large focus on local content both in terms of business ownership and manufacturing content, Trysome has become increasingly adaptive and resilient, by positioning itself ahead of the game in this area.

The progress made at its Northern Cape Transformation project is testament to this, with the launch of two new, local-owned, entities in the Gamagara region in 2019.

Change management pivotal in digital era

While the development of the modern mine, a digital and intelligent mine connecting people, processes and technology with access to data in real time and a technical production process at the forefront is one of the most important conditions for the future of mining, having a competent workforce that can handle the technology is another but equally important condition.

Mining companies will need to engage change management techniques to prepare their labour force for the imminent, evolving working environment that new technologies will bring.

They will also need to adopt a socio-technical approach where the participation of employees in job design is pivotal in developing a culture of workplace learning and continuous education.