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National Union of Mineworkers highlights death in the workplace

The National Union of Mineworkers National Health and Safety Committee (NAHSCO) is deeply concerned with the loss of life that continues to occur at workplaces.

NUM statement:

NAHSCO demand that the Department of Labour (DOL) and the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) Inspectorate work with the National Union of Mineworkers shop stewards to improve the state of health and safety in the Mining; Construction and Energy.

This is after NAHSCO recently held a two days meeting to deal with health and safety issues that affect workers in sectors where the National Union of Mineworkers organises.

NAHSCO pronounced on the following critical health and safety issues:

  • The National Union of Mineworkers leadership must work with the Department of Labour (DOL) Construction Inspectorate to establish a platform of engagement on the Built Sector, like the civil sector.
  • We are concerned with the Silicosis in the workplaces, and the DOL and the DMR must work jointly to align their strategic approach towards this challenge.
  • We are part of the high court case on Silicosis, and as NUM we demand to be fully represented at the trustee forum as the decisions taken there are about us, and nothing about us without us.
  • We have noted the increase of collapse and die cases, and we say the DMR medical Inspectorate must investigate these cases and come to present them at the NUM leadership meetings.
  • It has come to our attention that health and safety representatives continue to be victimized and we demand the DMR to intervene, and employers stop this behavior.
  • We have noted the developments at Medical Bureau for Occupational Diseases (MBOD).
  • We say the Department of Health DoH, must deal with issues that affect the workers at MBOD.
  • Whilst we support some of the demands raised by the workers, we do not support acts of violence and corruption.