With laws getting stricter – enforcement is top of mind

Much like the public smoking laws people will have to accept that excessive consumption in public places is not acceptable.

Tackling HIV in the mining industry

The guidance assists companies to manage HIV which requires employers to put policies, plans, awareness and monitoring in place.

Proximity detection systems: It’s now about Zero Harm

“We have identified technologies that identify people both on surface or underground making use of magnetic fields."

Tech-driven training creates safer mines

The challenges for any mining operation are countless and research shows that the vast majority of incidents can be linked back to human error.

Assess risk and plan ahead before deciding on PDS

As mines improve their safety a risk assessment that will guide the correct selection of technology and PDS is required.

Webinar RECORDING – ISO 23875 changes lives

ISO 23875 is a new standard for consistency to designing, testing, operating, and maintaining air-quality systems of operator enclosures.

Webinar RECORDING: Digital integration in underground mining

Join Immersive Technologies and Mining Review Africa as we deliver a live webinar that addresses digital implementation in underground mines with ease.

COVID-19 in hand for mines, but what about Malaria?

While COVID-19 has seen the private sector step up to support government prevention efforts, the role of corporates in fighting Malaria is less well-known but equally impactful.

Deep Insights #29: The state of mining one year after COVID-19...

A year after the first hard lockdown, the Minerals Council discusses the economic impact of COVID-19 on the mining sector as well as the measures it has put in place to stop the spread.

Webinar TODAY: Modernise your mineral processing power and analytics

Rockwell Automation's Pavilion8® Model Predictive Control increases throughput, lowers reagents consumption, improves recovery, optimises water and energy usage and improves process stability.

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