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Arcadia has potential to be an exclusive supplier

Assays have confirmed TSX-listed Prospect Resources’ Arcadia project in Zimbabwe as an ultra-low iron lithium producer.

Zimbabwe – Both petalite and spodumene sample Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) results confirm lithium to iron ratios suitable for the premium glass and ceramics market. There are few mines in the world able to supply the premium priced, ultra-low iron, technical market for spodumene or petalite. The results provide an opportunity for Arcadia to be the only lithium mine in the world able to supply both spodumene and petalite to the premium glass & ceramics market.

ICP analysis confirm:
• Spodumene product achieved 6.1% Li2O and 0.18% Fe2O3;
• Petalite flotation product achieved 4.5% Li2O and 0.02% Fe2O3.

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Bespoke product offering

This not only places Arcadia’s spodumene as a premium product for the chemical market but presents an opportunity to sell an ultra-low iron spodumene and petalite blended product into the glass and ceramics market.

Prospect Resources expects that this blended product will achieve a premium price in the market because it can design the blend for each customer depending on their required lithium to iron ratio and therefore supply a finished product.

MD Sam Hosack said, “The opportunity for Prospect Resources to produce a technical grade ultra-low iron blended product of Arcadia spodumene and petalite, has the potential to deliver a fit for purpose product for glass ceramics customers and achieve higher sales prices across Arcadia’s lithium products. We expect such a move should provide a positive economic uplift, compared to simply selling the Arcadia spodumene to the chemical market.

“What’s very positive is that Arcadia is unique in having the only JORC compliant lithium pegmatite in the world able to produce ultra-low iron spodumene, petalite and tantalum products. The key focus will now be on understanding the positive impact on the mine’s economics; subsequent increase in revenue; upgrade to the ore reserve; and a potential increase in our mine life,” he concluded.