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Metals of Africa reveals graphene potential from Montepuez Central graphite project

Mozambique – African focused exploration company Metals of Africa has announced “outstanding results” from its graphene test work at its Montepuez Central Graphite project, in the Cabo Delgado graphite province.


  • The results illustrate that the graphite mineralisation at the Montepuez Central project may be utilised to extract graphene – graphene oxide (GO) – of a quality comparable to synthetic graphene.
  • Graphene with excellent quality and low defects is able to be produced directly from the project’s raw graphite.
  • Three processes were tested with a thermal method producing the best results – this simple process is scalable.
  • The thermal treatment of raw graphite is efficient in producing bulk grapheme as it is a fast process, without the use of toxic chemicals – this minimises waste and produces high quality graphene.
  • The ability to produce a quality graphene product further enhances the potential of the Montepuez Central project as a high value asset.
  • The company’s resource definition drilling programme Montepuez Central is scheduled for completion by the end of August.

About Graphene 

Graphene has remarkable physical properties which include:

  • 200 times stronger than steel yet is incredibly flexible, and is fire resistant yet retains heat;
  • The world’s first 2D material and is ultra‐light and thin yet immensely tough;
  • Extremely conductive (much more so than copper) and can act as a barrier – not even helium can pass through it

“The fact that our graphite can produce both graphene oxide and graphene is extremely exciting. Laboratory tests have verified that the quality of our graphene is comparable to synthetically derived graphene, which is a very high value material with an ever increasing number of applications, particularly in the battery and energy space,” says Metals of Africa’s MD Cherie Leeden.

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