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Extensive knowledge makes Armco a corrugated steel structures specialist

Armco strives to be a leading specialist in the supply and manufacture of corrugated steel structures mainly used in the mining, railway, and road infrastructure sectors.

Armco’s extensive knowledge gained over the multiple decades of operation has allowed it to market and sell its products with the utmost confidence ensuring that the required design parameters are adhered to with the necessary safety factors.

Armco corrugated steel structures have been used extensively by mining houses, contractors and consulting engineers globally due to the numerous advantages offered by the product.  Furthermore, the cost saving is attractive when comparing Armco structures against conventional designs and the ease of installation ensures a quicker completion date.

Innovation at the helm

There are a multitude of applications for these structures which extend from cross-drainage to bridges, underpass structures, stockpile tunnels, and shaft sleeves. There are also specific solutions offered under abnormally high fills or abnormally high loads which involve the use of steel profile definers, which are purpose made steel profile sections (eg. tubular steel sections) which serve as additional strengthening to the arches.

 A further innovation is the use of arch beam culverts, which comprise the use of a concrete arch forming a composite steel/concrete roof over the crown of the structure, with concrete support arms extending on either side of steel culvert. This significantly extends the load carrying capacity of the structure.

The design life of these galvanised structures, when installed to meet backfill and corrosion protection specifications, generally exceeds 50 years and is only compromised when unprotected abrasion is allowed to occur, such as in unlined drainage culvert inverts.  The HSA structures do not have metal inverts and are therefore not generally exposed to continuous abrasion.  Where additional life-span is required additional sacrificial thickness of steel material is recommended.

Standard design catalogues are available from Armco which cover a range of standard loading such as TMH7, HS20 and 25 and Cooper E80 single and double rails loading. Armco is also able to offer specialist design services for specific non-standard type loading, such as found in the mining industry.  Hydraulic capacity tables for inlet control conditions are also available.