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Van Dykspruit quarrying mine has declared its maiden quartzite-roadstone resource as management initiated their inaugral blast to access the underlying high grade quartzite rock.  

The quartzite will be processed to supply roadstone to the nearby Moloto corridor project in KwaMhlanga, South Africa.

The mine, which has been in operation since 2012, has to date been mining a surface level resource of weathered sandstone which is processed with state-of-the-art wet screens that produce high grade silica which is supplied to clients such as Petra’s Cullinan diamond mine for use in underground structural concrete.

AST’s MD, Ian Ross, says: 

“We have developed this mine over the past 7 years from a greenfield start, to become a fully operational quarry that is now positioned to become a strategic supplier of roadstone and high grade silica for the construction and infrastructure market in North and East Pretoria, and KwaMhlanga.

Current production capacity is 30,000 tpm, and the mine is delivering a 98% silica sand product, with run-of-mine passing 8 mm and 13% passing 75μ. 

After processing, the mine’s standard grade of product is delivered at -8mm /+75μ, carrying an average 2.5% of sub 75 μ material, which allows clients to recevie a consistantly graded product at volume which is suitable for making high grade structural concrete.

An extensive drilling programme and high-resolution, low-frequency Loza ground-penetrating radar survey has been completed. 

The resource will meet East Pretoria and KwaMhlanga’s demand for roadstone for close to a decade.

“We have been able to drill the quartzite resource with a high degree of accuracy using a new ground penetrating radar technology,” says Ross.

This has allowed us to deliniate the resource at a low cost. The recovered core has been confirmed as a high grade roadstone, and allowed us to optimiese the design of the crushing circuits that will deliver the scope of  material the market demands.”

AST retained B&E International to conduct the inaugral drilling, and the blast took place on Friday morning, making over 50,000 tonnes of product immediaely available.

“We are now the closest operational quarry to Moloto, and we look forward to working wth our clients and partners to deliver value as the Moloto development gets underway,” concludes Ross.