The pressure and desire for the mining industry to reduce green-house gas emissions is mounting, and with that the trend for renewable energy is gaining momentum.

Meeting sustainability goals at a mine now plays a huge part in deciding which power generation solution is best suited, whether it be temporary rental power or power plants for production.

Many mining operations take place in remote parts of the world where access to a reliable supply of electricity from the grid is unavailable or requires significant investments in transmission, the solution has traditionally been to use a thermal power plant on site burning fossil fuels.

Cat® Electric Power and Mining Review Africa recently hosted a Webinar that discussed the following three key considerations to power generation and how to find the optimum solution while maintaining grid stability for uninterrupted production at the mine site:

  1. Growing trends and the necessity to become more sustainable
  2. Cat® Electric Power Solutions – from traditional fuel such as diesel, oil and natural gas to sustainable solutions including Solar power, Energy Storage systems and alternative fuels, we discuss the various options available to you
  3. Support – from prospecting and construction to production, expansion and aftermarket services


Luuk Van Duijse – Cat® Electric Power Mining Segment Manager
Francois-Xavier Saury – Account Manager EAME CIS Microgrid Business Development Manager, Cat® Electric Power