Tirupati collaborates with university: graphene research

"This will enable us to add polymer nanocomposites to our new age materials portfolio, that we anticipate will have extensive applications."

Mkango confirms rare earth recycling project completion

“This is a significant milestone demonstrates another source of both feedstock and route to market for recycled rare earth magnets. "

KEFI pauses Tulu Kapi launch amid security concerns

The company is optimistic that the development phase of the Tulu Kapi Gold Project in Ethiopia can still be launched before the end of 2021.
green economy

Mining companies need to become leaders in ESG

Mining executives now have a choice: let environmental, social and governance issues run them out of business or use it as an opportunity.

Resources sector helps Australia’s economy

“The mining industry is powering the Australian economy and we need to be loud and proud of what it has done and continues to achieve.”

Gold and climate change: Decarbonising investment portfolios

The process of decarbonising is such an urgent priority that it is currently reshaping nearly all policy, business, and investment decisions.