AEL Mining Services is growing its already established base in South America by going direct to customers, and no longer via distributors, with explosive products, on-site support and blasting optimisation.

This is according to Alois Kwenda, AEL general manager for business development for South America and West Central Africa, who says AEL’s business model in the region previously provided for the supply of products to customers through distributors.

“We are now expanding by offering our full suite of products and technical expertise in South America directly to our customers to ensure quality throughout both the supply and application of explosives on site,” Kwenda says.

Kwenda says the expansion in this region by AEL, has exceeded expectations since they started offering direct supply in June.

“We have already participated in three tenders in the region and are conducting several demonstrations of electronic blasting systems with potential customers,” he says.

Kwenda and his team recently exhibited as part of AECI at one of the largest mining trade fairs in Latin America, the International Mining Exhibition (EXPOSIBRAM) 2015, between 14 and 17 September 2015. The annual exhibition was held in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and received over 50 000 visitors.

“This was a great opportunity to meet with existing and potential customers and to be able to demonstrate to them that we are increasing our presence in Latin America and are prepared to do business with them,” Kwenda says.

He adds that AEL aims to increase its supply of electronic blasting systems and bulk explosives to South American markets, particularly in Brazil and Chile, and that safety is the number one issue for these customers.

Kwenda adds that AEL also aims to expand its on-site technical support in South America to help maintain the highest safety standards and optimise mining operations.

“Mining operations are looking for suppliers that not only deliver products but that can come up with solutions that increase their operational efficiency, which we can achieve through our suite of explosives, blast initiating systems and technical support through blast optimisation teams.”

“We achieve this through detailed analysis of how our blasts can have an impact on each and every step of the mine to mill process to ensure mines get the very best out of their operations,” Kwenda concludes.

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