Crystal-clear flowing water
Anglo American continues to deliver on its sustainability goals despite the commodity crisis.

For the third consecutive year, the company exceeded its 2020 water savings target of 14%, achieving an estimated 16% water saving against projected water usage.

Anglo American made this announcement on the release of its 15th annual Sustainability Report alongside its 2015 Annual Report, entitled “Driving Change, Defining Our Future”.

The company has also reduced its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 22% in relation to 2015’s ‘business as usual’ consumption. This amounted to 4.5 Mt of avoided CO2e, which is equivalent to displacing the emissions of nearly one million passenger vehicles.

64% of the company’s total operational water requirement was met by recycling/re-using water, representing an encouraging step towards its long-term goal of increasing this level to more than 80%.

Anglo American dedicated to achieving zero harm

In 2015, three employees and three contractors lost their lives in work-related activities at operations managed by Anglo American. This is the lowest number of workplace deaths in a full production year.

The second half of the year saw a fatality-free final quarter, representing an encouraging step forward and a reminder that zero harm can be achieved.

[quote]In 2015, Anglo American initiated a control-improvement programme, which engaged every one of its employees and contractors, ensuring the right controls are in place and that those controls are effectively monitored. As a result, the Group achieved its best safety performance in a full production year.

In 2015, improving safety on public roads in communities around operations formed a key part of operational safety-improvement plans. As a result of this increased focus, there was no loss of life associated with any Anglo American-contracted road transportation services during 2015.

Health equally important

The number of new cases of occupational diseases which Anglo American reported in 2015 was 163, down 7% from 175 reported in 2014, and down 35% since 2010.

The company is a recognised leader for tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS programmes in the workplace and in 2015 showed further improvement in this area. In 2015, it tested and counselled nearly 90 000 employees and contractors in southern Africa.

Over the last year, the number of new HIV infections decreased further and there was a 34% increase in the uptake of anti-retroviral therapy (ART) by HIV-positive employees. This brought the total percentage of HIV-positive employees on ART from 53% in 2014 to 72% in 2015, and closer to the UNAIDS global target of 90% by 2020.

Sir John Parker, Chairman of Anglo American, comments: “The need for extractive companies to make a positive, sustainable contribution to society is perhaps greater than ever. We will only be able to do this effectively, however, so long as we can maintain trusting and effective relationships with our wide-ranging and often-conflicting stakeholder base.”

Mark Cutifani, Chief Executive of Anglo American, adds: “Anglo American is taking the appropriate steps to ensure it builds a more resilient business and that it continues to play its wider role in society by creating real and sustainable value.”

“As a business, we can only deliver that value to shareholders and society at large if we ourselves are profitable and in a position of financial strength. I firmly believe the path we have taken will provide us with that more robust foundation, for the benefit of all our stakeholders.”

United Nations sustainable development goals

Despite the current economic environment, Anglo American is committed to the need to continue to embody good governance in sustainability, and to demonstrate best practice.

Anglo American was an active participant in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), launched in September 2015.

The SDGs reflect many of the socio-economic issues that already sit at the heart of Anglo American’s approach to sustainability and it believes strongly that its role as a private sector player is to support its host governments in meeting these targets, while reinforcing the real and positive difference mining and Anglo American can make in society.