non ferrous metals

WINNER: GoldPlat

Goldplat has carefully designed a highly skilled processing route that provides an environmental and economic solution for mines to dispose of waste materials.

It does so by recovering precious metals, primarily gold and silver but also platinum group metals (PGMs), from by-products of the mining industry and related industries.

This article first appeared in Mining Elites in Africa 2019

These materials, that include fine carbon, mill liners and waste grease, typically present an environmental risk and cost to producers but can become a source of precious metals and revenue when processed by Goldplat.

The company delivers this innovative service through two established gold recovery operations in South Africa and Ghana and has built a substantial blue-chip supplier base.

This includes most of the significant gold producers, an increasing number of PGM producers, and several refineries requiring the processing of concentrate materials prior to final refining as bullion.

Processes employed for precious metal recovery include roasting in a rotary kiln, crushing, milling, thickening, flotation, gravity concentrators, leaching, CIL, elution and smelting of bullion.

Because of the diversity and flexibility of these treatment circuits, which make possible the recovery of metals and concentrates from a range of by-product materials, and the extensive depth of knowledge and experience of its longstanding team, Goldplat has become a market leader in gold recovery with a significant competitive advantage.

Judges’ comments:

Marcus Courage: “Uses ‘waste’ to produce precious stones”

Jim Pooley: “Innovative and flexible processing route for various types of feed with a positive knock on effect on waste and environment”

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