Caption 1 Hydraulic Mining Shovel
Barloworld Equipment has introduced its latest oil for hydraulic shovel

The multinational trader for Caterpillar construction, mining and industrial machine, Barloworld Equipment has introduced two new groups of hydraulic fluid, which has been approved for use on Caterpillar’s hydraulic mining shovels (HMS).

The first group comprises the Cat HYDO Advanced mineral oil based hydraulic fluids, available in viscosity grades SAE 10W, SAE 20, and SAE 30 and the second is Cat Long Term Hydraulic Fluid HSS, previously named Bucyrus Long Term Hydraulic Fluid HSS, which is now being phased out.

According to a company statement, both oils have a proven history, providing for 10 000 hour service intervals when combined with Cat S∙O∙S Services fluid sampling and oil analysis programmes.

“Oil change intervals must be performed at 5 000 hours where S∙O∙S sampling is not adhered to…although this approach is definitely not recommended.”explains Barloworld Equipment group product specialist Reuben Pashan.

Proper sampling means hydraulic oil S∙O∙S samples must be taken and evaluated every 500 hours. The recommended viscosity grade is SAE 20W for Cat and Bucyrus HMS units.

Compatibility studies were performed to confirm acceptable performance with an 80% mixture of Cat HYDO Advanced and Cat Long Term Hydraulic Fluid HSS. Therefore, for Bucyrus fleet owners, typically in the RH40 to RH400 model range, the transition to Cat HYDO Advanced is an easy and safe process.

However, as Phasha points out, the correct system drainage procedures still need to be observed.

Caption 2 Hydraulic oil sample 1
Barloworld Equipment says the oils have been proven to last for longer hours

When changing a HMS from Cat Long Term Hydraulic HSS to Cat HYDO Advanced, at least 80% of the used fluid should be drained from the system. For most machines, this will require draining the hydraulic oil tank, suction header and suction lines, as well as the hydraulic cooler and hoses.

Correct drainage becomes even more important to note when machines transition to HYDO Advanced from a compatible, but non-Cat product. Then stricter measures need to be observed, with 90% of the used oil drained from the machine.

“Never mix incompatible oils as this can create sludge and precipitates that will prevent the system from operating correctly,” says Phasha.

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