Process equipment solutions provider MIP Process Technologies (MIP) is looking to double its business in the next two years.

In addition to maintaining its traditional business streams, the company is likely to achieve this as a result of its gas cleaning division, which was born out of the mining industry’s growing need to improve their environmental footprints and reduce carbon their carbon emissions.

This article first appeared in Mining Elites in Africa 2019

MIP first entered the pollution and dust control field when it acquired all the rights and technology to the products belonging to Alliance Dust Control Services (ADCS) in 2013.

With more than 30 years’ experience in providing dust and fume extraction solutions to a wide variety of industry sectors; this quickly delivered a new revenue source for MIP.

“The success we have quickly built up in this field has seen us expand our pollution control repertoire after partnering with a Germany-based specialist that already boasts a large installation base of successful gas cleaning systems,” says MIP MD Philip Hoff.

“Through this partnership, we are now able to offer a highly specialised technological service where few other companies around the globe can successfully compete in – reducing noxious gases such as sulphur dioxide emissions to less than 1 200 mg/m³ – a recognised standard across the globe. And as South Africa’s legislation regarding atmospheric pollution intensifies, we are now well positioned to serve this growing market need.”

Building the world’s largest sulphur dioxide cleaning plant

MIP was in 2018 awarded the contract to build what will be the largest sulphur dioxide cleaning plant in the world, set to be commissioned in February 2019.

“The plant is designed to meet very stringent emissions output and will treat 380 000 Am³/hour.”

This project will demonstrate the company’s full capabilities in this field, which are more extensive than what is currently on offer by similar industry players.

“We are the only company on the African continent that can supply all the equipment for an entire gas cleaning plant,” Hoff emphasises.

Further to this, the company offers its own proprietary hood design and process which effectively captures gases during the tapping process in furnaces.

“We have embraced our skills set in this market sector and believe this business will help elevate our company to greater heights. And because we are unafraid to work with any gas, no matter its toxicity level, we are confident of building a truly strong reputation in the industry,” Hoff concludes.

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