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New gold recovery process revealed in the US

New Gold Recovery (NGR), a start-up gold producer operating on 3 400 acres in north-east Nevada in the US, says its proprietary gold recovery process using nano-technology recovers upwards of 90% of gold particles – a remarkable improvement on traditional placer recovery rates, where more than 40% of gold particles are lost in the recovery process.

The inventor of the process and CEO of Nevada-based New Gold Recovery (NGR), Anastasios Morfopoulos, has been researching gold recovery processes for more than a decade. Morfopoulos believes his nano-technology process could assist a “bleeding” gold sector.

“The technology has been in the pilot phase for several years, and the recovery rates have been validated by independent laboratories. We have now started production on a relatively small scale, but we will ramp up rather quickly from here,” he says.

Though the system has been piloted extensively with placer mines in the U.S., Morfopoulos believes hard rock recoveries could also benefit from the technology, named Tas 3.

The Tas 3 system is described as the first-ever green and eco-friendly placer mining technology for gold recovery. According to New Gold Recovery the exact composition of the nano-technology is a closely guarded secret, but it is already attracting strong interest across North America.

Morfopoulos had researched ways to improve precious metals recoveries for more than a decade, and stumbled on certain nano-particles that demonstrated a natural affinity for gold and other precious metals several years ago. The ‘affinity’ was so strong that more than 90% of all gold particles were recovered in pilot tests.

Morfopoulos says he is looking for joint venture partners in South Africa and East Africa. At the moment, his focus is on placer mining, but he is receiving tailing samples from around the world to see if recovery grades can be improved. According to New Gold Recovery, the technology shows substantial improvements in most cases.

New Gold Recovery originally planned to licence its technology to other primary producers, but then decided to enter mining in its own right, while still offering the technology to other producers for a share of the improved recoveries.

New Gold Recovery started production at its Black Rock Canyon Mine deposit in August 2016 and plans to ramp up production to 2 000 ounces by 2017. New Gold Recovery will also generate revenue by offering its technology on a profit sharing basis with other producers.