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New leadership for Dubai Diamond Exchange

The Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE), a DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Center) platform, has confirmed that Peter Meeus will step down as chairman of the exchange as of 31 January 2018.

Ahmed Bin Sulayem, executive chairman, DMCC, will assume the chairmanship going forward with the ambition to further elevate Dubai’s role as the global marketplace for diamond trade.

Dubai Diamond Exchange
Dubai Diamond Exchange chairman, Peter Meeus.

Over 12 years ago, DMCC’s Sulayem began putting in place the infrastructure necessary to create an international marketplace for diamonds in Dubai.

Since then, the Dubai diamond trade, under the auspices of the Dubai Diamond Exchange, has grown at a significant rate and positioned the Emirate as one of the leading rough and polished diamond trading hubs globally.

The value of diamonds handled through Dubai has grown from 3.5 billion US dollars in 2003 to over 26 billion US Dollars in 2016.

Located in the iconic Almas Tower, DDE is the home to over 1 000 regional and international precious gems companies.

As a trade facilitator and market maker for diamond and colored stones businesses, the DDE is the only bourse in the Middle East affiliated with the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB).

The DDE brings together several large scale initiatives, such as rough and polished diamond tenders and trade benefits for pearls and colored stones.

“The opportunities and challenges for the Dubai Diamond Exchange are of a different nature going forward,”says Sulayem.

“In the past 12 years, we built the foundation of a solid exchange, attracting over 1 000 members operating out of the Almas Tower.

“Not only do we want to consolidate this position, but it is also our ambition to grow further and make Dubai a unique and interconnected hub with the rest of the world.

Dubai Multi Commodities Center
Dubai Multi Commodities Center executive chairman, Ahmed Bin Sulayem.

“Our proximity to Africa as well as the unique logistical infrastructure which Emirates Airlines provides to hundreds of destinations world-wide is crucial in the development of Dubai as a leading diamond center.”

“I have been extremely privileged to work in such a dynamic environment as Dubai for the last 12 years,” states Meeus.

“With the help of the Dubai government, we have been able to establish a unique facility which today is one of the top three trading centers of diamonds in the world.

“This has been an extraordinary experience with many challenges, especially when the financial crisis hit us in 2008, but Dubai has shown its resilience and flexibility to come through even from the worst possible situations.

“I am convinced that the Dubai Diamond Exchange has a great future ahead and I’m proud to have been able to participate in its growth since its inception in 2004.”

The DDE Membership is compulsory for all DMCC licensed members that are trading in jewelry, pearls and precious stones; manufacturing precious jewelry and cutting and polishing precious stones.

Under the DDE umbrella, DMCC precious stones traders and service providers come together as one globally accepted framework for governance and trade practices.

DDE membership serves as a mark of distinction, opening doors and allowing access to those active in the diamond trade.

The DDE ensures its members have the safety of trading only with reputable companies who adhere to its compliance guidelines and are bound by a strict code of good business practices and ethics.

Feature image credit: Wikimedia