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Omnicomm: fuel monitoring in Middle East & Africa necessary

Omnicomm, a developer and manufacturer of fuel consumption monitoring equipment and telematics solutions, shares its vision on successful development of transport telematics market.

The vision was presented at the Telematics Conference Middle East & Africa where it showcases its core products in the UAE, for the first time.

The theme of Omnicomm’s presentation was corresponding to the main general topic of the conference – Telematics as a value added service in fleet management.

Nowadays many solution providers are searching for strong competitive advantages which could enhance existing solutions and what’s more, bring end clients, i.e. fleet owners, significant results in optimisation of fleet expenses.

According to market research, conducted by organisers of the event, there are more than 30 telematics solution providers in the UAE alone. As fuel prices are low in the country, at a first approximation, fleet owners didn’t see the problems and weren’t aware of importance to control these expenses. In fact, low fuel prices stimulate fuel theft for reselling among migrant workers in the country even more. And the covert problem is vital indeed.

Omnicomm showed how this issue can be resolved. Application of quality fuel monitoring eliminates fuel theft and optimises fleet expenses dramatically.

In Africa the transport telematics business is developing fast pace. Fuel control is in demand as fuel prices are higher. And problems of fuel theft in African countries are more obvious. Omnicomm already has partners in more than 10 countries in Africa and is actively working to expand partner network due to such events.

Boris Pankov - Omnicomm
Boris Pankov, Omnicomm CEO

“Middle East and Africa are among the most prospective directions for business development as telematics business is emerging here. We have already worked on separate projects in the region. One of the brightest ones was equipping the mobile tower power generators in Uganda for Galooli Group,” says Boris Pankov, Omnicomm CEO.

“But for us not only the region but the topic of this conference was truly interesting. At present when competition in the telematics market is becoming even tougher, it is good to show there are companies who can offer a good and simple way to stay afloat and even enter the new markets. We showed that in fact anyone can be competitive offering real value to customers”, he marks.

Speaking on how to improve fleet management system with fuel monitoring, Pankov shared case studies Omnicomm experienced in the recent times. Fuel constitutes the biggest expense item for any company involved in transportation or use of machinery. Thus, high-precision fuel control can bring additional value to transport telematics solutions and consequently, help end clients save significant sums which account for millions of dollars.

During the conference Omnicomm offered a new solution for the integration of fuel consumption monitoring systems in almost any existing fleet management system. While earlier it took lots of time and efforts of developers, now it has become much easier.

Integration takes about a week and does not require any efforts on behalf of solution providers. Moreover, the integration is now possible at the levels of integrators and value added resellers.

It is estimated that Middle East and Africa telematics will strengthen in the nearest future. The event which was a B2B gathering of key international and regional industry players was held in Dubai for the first time. Next year Telematics Middle East & Africa will take place during two days. The dates are already set on 2 and 3 March.

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