Step-change needed to expedite exploration in South Africa

Exploration is expected to become a key focus for South Africa as the DMRE looks to release a six-point exploration strategy.

A new digital revolution has begun

“Adoption and incorporation of technologies has quickly become the secondary consideration in this new world we find ourselves in."

New online mining equipment database supports localisation

TARA is an online database of locally-manufactured products that aims to serve the future needs of the ever-evolving mining industry.

Where is the reference point for modernisation in the mining industry?

Where does the mining industry stand at present in terms of technology adoption and how this is predicted to increase in the coming years?
AI Automation Mining

Artificial Intelligence in mining – are we there yet?

While AI is a much touted technology in mining, it would seem that the sector is yet to fully embrace this advance technology.

Mammoth and mechanised: The beauty of Khoemacau

“We are on track to commission and deliver first concentrate towards the middle of 2021 and will ramp up to steady-state within six months.”
Minespider blockchain

How mining supply chains can benefit from blockchain

Blockchain is being used in the mining sector to provide assurance, transparency and traceability within the raw materials supply chain.

Cybersecurity: Dealing with an unseen enemy

While technology enhances productivity and increases safety, it does make companies more susceptible to cyberattacks.
Dr Thuthula Balfour Minerals Council

Dr Thuthula Balfour: Fighting the unrecognised pandemic

As a collective, we can organise reprioritise other medical conditions in the era of COVID-19.” - Dr Thuthula Balfour
caledonia blanket

Brownfield expansion at Blanket mine to boost production

Upon completion of the project, gold production at Blanket mine is expected to progressively increase to 80 000 ozpa of gold by 2022.

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