(Institute for Ubiquitous Meteorology) who together with NiMET Nigerian Meteorological Agency are bronze sponsors at the upcoming Nigeria Mining Week in Abuja in October

“Through the collaboration with NIMET and industry, we intend to assist in building meteorological capacity with our customised local weather models and analysis systems”

1) Let’s start with some background on NiMet and / UBIMET and your work in the mining sector?
NiMet and UBIMET have partnered together in order to develop meteorological solutions specifically tailored for the mining sector. As those involved in mining know, weather can significantly hamper and delay mining operations resulting in decreased production and efficiency. The clear implication is that optimally meshing mine operations to account for shifting weather patterns, can substantially improve sector productivity. Hence, the timing is ripe for mining companies to adopt the latest strategies and technologies needed to optimise the impact weather can have on mining operations.

Our Weather Cockpit has been used to provide critical weather data to partners such as Formula 1, Frankfurt Airport, the Austrian and German federal railways and PORR, an international construction company. This professional weather application is designed to reduce risk, prevent damage and ensure safety, and accurate lightning data is a critical piece of data for making that happen. The joint expertise of NIMET and UBIMET in this field will be beneficial for everyone in the mining industry.

2)  Any projects that you are involved in in Nigeria that you are particularly excited about at the moment?
On top of our operations in the mining sector, we are currently working on a number of exciting projects across a variety of industries from agriculture to health and aviation. Through the collaboration with NIMET and industry, we intend to assist in building meteorological capacity with our customised local weather models and analysis systems.

3) What in your view are the challenges to taking the mining sector in Nigeria to the next level?
Educating decision makers about the key role that accurate weather data plays in day to day operations. Our cost-benefit analysis shows that delays and decreased production due to poor weather can result in millions of dollars lost in revenue per hour. Our solutions mitigate that risk by giving stakeholders timely information in a clear, concise and decisive manner.

4) What is your vision for the mining sector in Nigeria?
Our vision is to see the realisation of mining companies improving their operational yield and efficiency through accurate, clear and decisive weather data. This has been proven in Australia and across the commodity sector internationally. We are now bringing these products to Nigeria and Africa.

5) You are an exhibitor at Nigeria Mining Week. How important is this even to showcase the country’s mining potential?
This is hugely important to us. The mining sector is a key part of the Nigerian economy. The opportunity to showcase this internationally tried and tested meteorological tool in Nigeria will hopefully springboard the importance of weather data into the Nigerian mining sector. Our solutions have a track record of increasing operational efficiency whilst minimising lost revenue.

6) What will be your message at the event?
Increase operational revenue and yield in the mining sector, reduce risk, prevent damage and ensure asset safety through clear, concise and decisive meteorological information.

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