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Exclusive interview with Oluwaseun Olatunji, MD/CEO, S.B. Olatunji Global Nigeria Ltd

1)      Let’s start with some background on organisation and your work in the mining sector?oluwaseun_olatunji
S.B. OLATUNJI GLOBAL NIGERIA LIMITED acronym “SBOG” produces and procures metallic mineral ores (base metals; Lead ore, Zinc ore) from both its Nigeria mining fields as well as from artisan miners for exportation to Chinese market where smelters (End-Users) eventually process the ores into ingots. Our focus mineral ores are: Lead ore, Zinc ore and Gold ore. We have increased our export volumes from 200 Metric Tonnes of Lead and Zinc ores to 3,000 Metric Tonnes of Lead ore and Zinc ore respectively between year 2007 to year 2014; and this is our on-going concern. S.B. OLATUNJI GLOBAL NIGERIA LIMITED started its operations by sourcing, buying and preparing metallic mineral ores (Lead ore, Copper ore, Manganese ore and Zinc ore) of different quality grades from artisan miners. However, in year 2011 the Company alongside her expansion plans successfully secured mining Exploration Licences (EL) in Benue state and Taraba state respectively. In furtherance of our objectives the exploration licenses received approval to be up-scaled to small scale mining leases (SSML). Therefore, the Company is now strategically positioned to supply Lead ore and Zinc ore in large quantities as the company’s operations is no longer limited to purchase of the mineral ores from the artisan miners.

2) Any projects that you are involved in in Nigeria that you are particularly excited about at the moment?
Core drilling is on-going in our Taraba tenement. We are developing a mining strategy to properly exploit the Lead-Zinc ore in our Taraba field. This we are able to undertake in partnership with investors in our projects.

3)  What in your view are the challenges to taking the mining sector in Nigeria to the next level?
A) Capacity Building, B) Funding, C) Transparency & Limited Information, D) More Reliable Geological Data, E) Regulatory independence, F) Environmental consideration.

4)  What is your vision for the mining sector in Nigeria?

To become a sector that is inclusive, transparent in all its activities and an enabler of globally competitive growth for all stakeholders.

5)  What will be your message at iPAD Nigeria?
Depending on what platform I’m allocated; I would be speaking on Government policy thrust, Host community interference, Funding gaps and Operator – Regulator relationship.

6)  How important is it to showcase the country’s mining potential?

Knowledge about Nigeria’s mining potential I believe is very sketchy; therefore the need to aggressively pursue the objective of showcasing what we have to offer the world and thereby grow our local economy in the process.