At the upcoming Kenya Mining Forum, Dr Wasunna is chairing a session on Corporate Social Responsibility.

“At Extractives Baraza, our ultimate goal is to enhance stakeholder engagement in Kenya’s extractives sector”

1)      Can we start with some background on and history of Extractives Baraza in Kenya?
EB is an advocacy-neutral online platform that promotes knowledge, transparency and evidence-based stakeholder dialogue on the extractives sector in Kenya. We officially launched on March 15th 2017, having been previously known as the Information Centre for Extractives Sector (ICES). Our ultimate goal is to enhance stakeholder engagement in Kenya’s extractives sector. The platform is currently supported through the Kenya Extractives Program (“KEXPRO”). However, the platform acts independently and aims to promote helpful dialogue and understanding by all those interested or affected by the extractive sector in Kenya. We are based at Strathmore University.

2)      What projects in the mining industry that you are involved in are you particularly excited about at the moment?
The EB Endeavours to craft innovative products to address the industry needs.  We are currently involved in hosting the Kenya Local Content Exchanges, which is very exciting for us. For more information, see We are also working on transparency initiatives in Kenya.

We are also working closely with the youth through the Youth in Extractives initiatives such as Mining4i, which allows young innovators from various institutions in Kenya as well as community representatives an opportunity to plug into the four pillars of Mining 4 namely: information, investment, innovation, and interaction.

3)      What do you see as the main challenges in the industry?
Transparency, accountability and stakeholder engagement. Kenya is also grappling with increased financial expectations from its people, yet the industry is battling with low commodity prices.

4)      What is your vision for the industry?
One based on the principles of good governance, including transparency and accountability.

5)      Why did you decide to participate in the Kenya Mining Forum?
The Kenya Mining Forum offers a great opportunity for all stakeholders to convene and engage on different aspects of the mining sector and hopefully, create a common vision with mutually beneficial goals that ultimately benefit Kenyans.

6)      You are chairing a session on Corporate Social Responsibility in the conference – What are you hoping for in this session?
I am hoping for a meeting of the minds regarding news trends that promote mutual benefit for investors and communities such that ultimately we develop (local) best practices.

7)      What will be your message at the event?
Engage engage engage is the name of the game!