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Interview with David Del Olmo, Retail Sales Manager Africa & Middle East, Putzmeister Underground

1) Welcome back to iPAD and the DRC Mining Week, what makes this event so important on the DRC Mining calendar?

Thank you, we are excited to be here: we continue to establish a stronger foothold in the DRC and Zambia, key drivers of the world´s copper mining industry.

2) Can you give us an overview of Putzmeister’s business interests, particularly in the DRC and the region?

Putzmeister Underground, a leader in the underground mining sector, has been working in the region for a few years together with its official dealer, JalimCorp. Together, we offer advanced solutions to clients in underground shotcrete application: from production to transport and spraying, as well as some utility products. We have seen interest ramp up locally and remain optimistic about the future.

3) And the rest of Africa?

We are upbeat about the growth prospects in the region and pleased that everyone is keen to push forward together.

4) Any particular projects that you are planning or involved in currently that you are specifically excited about?

We continue to work alongside one of our partners in the region in the Kamoto Mine, an underground copper and cobalt mine located in DRC’s Katanga Province.

We are also present in flagship projects like Crossrail in London, as well as several other key mines spanning countries like Chile, South Africa, Russia and Peru.

5) What in your view are the main challenges currently to the mining sector?

We are closely watching the price cyclicality, China’s commodity appetite as well as the technological and production constraints that our clients face; but we are confident that our fully integrated solutions ensure not only a safer worker environment but also cost-saving and time efficiencies that result in optimised production.

6) What is your vision for the industry?

Agile problem solvers will continue to grow if they provide the best-quality solutions for mining. At Putzmeister, we continue to deliver powerful, high-quality and reliable equipment for shotcrete applications underground, offering a 360° experience for clients from advisory services all the way to fully-customised solutions for every project.

7) What will be your message at DRC Mining Week – any particular product or service that you will be showcasing in Lubumbashi?

Our existing range of underground mining equipment includes state-of-the-art mechanised shotcrete spraying systems, concrete mixers and transport, as well as utility equipment such as scissor platforms. We have recently boosted our offering, with the launch of Wetkret 3 and Batchkret 20.
• Wetkret 3 is a nimble, crawler-mounted shotcrete spraying conceived for small tunnel sections with difficult access and optional +/-30 ºtilting system, guaranteeing a stable operation in rough terrain

• Batchkret 20 is a compact concrete batching plant specially designed for the harsh mine environment that allows clients to seamlessly integrate the production, transport and spraying of shotcrete, simplifying the usually challenging logistics on site, and helping reduce both costs and lead times

Every machine is designed and manufactured according to the best quality and reliability standards that Putzmeister has become known for since its inception.