Mining in tunnel

Exclusive interview with Karin Boomsma, Project Co-ordinator, Sustainable Inclusive Business, KEPSA, Kenya. During the upcoming Kenya Mining Forum in Nairobi in November she is part of a panel discussion on “Empowerment leads to independence and growth”.

1.    Can we start with some background on and history of Sustainable Inclusive Business in Kenya?
Sustainable Inclusive Business is a Project of the KEPSA Foundation and MVO Nederland supported by the embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Its objective is to raise awareness around sustainability and inclusive business within the private sector in Kenya by encouraging businesses to have a positive impact on People, Planet and Profit.  SIB has achieved part of this object through research, conferences, workshops, roundtable meetings and media outreach.

2.    What projects in the mining industry that you are involved in are you particularly excited about at the moment?
I have recently been involved in the Women in Extractives Forum, mainly promoting inclusiveness and sustainability within the mining and extractives sectors. At Sustainable Inclusive Business, we are passionate about inclusiveness that will see us achieve SDG 5 on Gender Equality.

3.    What do you see as the main challenges in the industry?
The main challenge has to be the impact of the sector on the environment and the planet.  The sector has to creative enough to be sustainable.

4.    What role can/should the government play in the sector in your view?
The government should encourage/incentivise and motivate more women to join the sector.

5.    What is your vision for the industry?
To have a more sustainable and inclusive mining sector that has positive impact on people and the planet.

6.    Why did you decide to participate in the Kenya Mining Forum?
Sustainable Inclusive Business appreciates forums such as this where we can reach more businesses and raise more awareness on sustainability and inclusiveness.

7.    You are part of a panel discussion on “Empowerment leads to independence and growth” – What will be your message at the event?
Sustainability and inclusiveness is a journey with which every step counts. Start making the steps, let us begin having a positive impact on People and Planet.  Where we are not, let’s reduce the negative impact.