Exclusive interview with Scott Rigler - General Manager, Sodexo DRC. Sodexo is a platinum sponsor at the upcoming DRC Mining Week

1) Let’s start with an ongoing mining project in which you are involved and which is stimulating for Sodexo?
All our projects are stimulating and challenging! Sodexo needs to be very agile to meet the evolving needs and expectations of our clients, the people we serve on site and our market, especially when we move from working on a simple contractual basis to a Preferred Supplier relationship.

2)According to you, what are the challenges facing the mining sector in the region?
In the region, our mining clients’ major challenges are dealing with very volatile resource markets and, as always, the need to deliver value to investors. On the positive side, everyone is determined to pull through the current downturn and that includes our Sodexo teams who work side-by-side on site with our clients and customers.

3)What differentiates Sodexo from the competition?
Since Sodexo was founded in 1966, our mission has been to improve the quality of life of our employees and all who we serve and to contribute to the economic, social and environmental development of the communities, regions and countries in which we operate. As a company that puts people at the heart of our mission, sustainability, community empowerment and ethical business practices are fundamental to everything we do, every day. Our engagement to deliver services safely at the right cost and ensure sustainable opportunities for the local communities here in the DRC will always be key priorities for us.

What is the most important reason for being present during DRC Mining Week and what is your key message to participants during the event?

Sodexo’s presence at DRC Mining Week demonstrates our investment towards a common future of growth and improved competitiveness, based on deep understanding of our clients’ strategies at both local and global levels. Our ambition is that Sodexo becomes the go-to partner in the region for turn-key residential camp facilities management and services.