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Webinar RECORDING: Aligning ESG to business value

Broadcast date: 17 March 2021

09h00 New York | 09h00 Toronto | 13h00 GMT | 13h00 London | 14h00 WAT | 15h00 Johannesburg| 21h00 Perth

Founded in 2011, TSC invented the Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) space. From its evolution on a Bill Gates team at Microsoft, TSC now works with Fortune 100 companies in more than 90 countries helping them solve their biggest issues.

TSC is arming clients with real-time issue and stakeholder sensing capability using AI and are working across Africa with the likes of Anglo American, Exxon and BlackRock.

ESG leads investment decisions across the globe

ESG mining standards are the key to sustainable production. Rather than being a simple obligation, ESG standards have the potential to unlock and become the pillar of sustainable competitive advantage for companies. Investors are realising that companies with a strong ESG track record outperform their peer group, and this has become especially apparent throughout the global pandemic.

Companies are moving away from traditional shareholder capitalism toward creating holistic stakeholder value while working to adjust internal metrics of success to help tackle global issues.

One of the biggest ways we’re witnessing this adjustment is the changing face of the financial market, where massive investor funds like BlackRock are looking past usual business metrics and setting Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics as the lynchpin of their investment strategy.” Terence Lyons, CEO, TSC.ai

Join TSC.ai in partnership with Africa Mining Forum and Mining Review Africa for a live panel discussion on ESG requirements to ensure the success and sustainability of existing and future businesses.

Key discussion points will include:

  • What you need to effectively manage an ESG program and engage the right ESG stakeholders
  • External ESG Data Sensing: leverage ESG data to operationalise sustainability
  • Best practices & challenges with scaling ESG across a broad portfolio


Terence Lyons, Chief Executive Officer | TSC.ai

Gerard Reid, Co-Founder and Partner | Alexa Capital

Richard Morgan, Head of Government Relations | Anglo American

Allison Forrest, Responsible Investment Officer | Resource Capital Funds