The junior mining sector in Africa holds the biggest key to unlocking long-term sustainability in the industry. Despite this reality, the ability to develop new projects on the continent is more difficult now than ever before – with hundreds of companies trying to access a shrinking pool of funding and investment opportunities. While the hurdles to overcome this challenge are difficult, they are not impossible.

Join Mining Review Africa for a webinar that will outline the current environment for juniors and the keys to gaining access to the finance required to develop new operations.

The webinar unpacked this topic at length and focused on:

  • Why junior mining companies in Africa are still an attractive investment option.
  • Advice on how junior miners can make themselves investable.
  • The challenges in unlocking traditional funding options for the junior mining sector and how to overcome these.
  • Alternative funding options for the junior mining sector in Africa.
  • Case study – a closer look at a junior mining company with a unique investment model.
  • An incubation fund aimed at supporting emerging mining entrepreneurs unable to access funding.


Errol Smart | Chief Executive Officer | Orion Minerals

Grant Mitchell | head of the Junior and Emerging Miners' Desk | Minerals Council South Africa

Olebogeng Sentsho | Chief Executive Officer | Simba Mgodi Fund