It is undeniable fact that 2014 has been a difficult year – for everyone, and few have been unable to defy a market depressed by low commodity prices and dried up financial riverbeds. However, for those of you who know me, you will know I am an eternal optimist with the ability to find those roses amongst the thorns, those uplifting and positive stories which keep us driven and motivated to push on when times are tough. Yes, they do exist in the very pages lying beneath your fingertips.

Having spent a day reviewing the past 12 issues of the magazine, it quickly became apparent to me who has made great strides over the year and it is these stories I present to you to close off the year on a high. Interestingly, the companies and projects on show are all South African, and all juniors. This serves as a reminder (largely to me) that the country still has much to offer our mining sector, for those willing to work our legislative system and comply.

And no, I’m under no illusion that it’s all sunshine and happiness. Our personality of the month, PwC’s Hein Boegman, discusses how profitability and market caps have taken a dive over the year but then even he is optimistic about South African mining’s contribution moving forward.

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