Putting the February issue together has been a great and ‘remember-able’ issue for me. It took me to Tete, Mozambique for the first time where it took only hours to become acquainted with the country’s ‘famous’ coking coal territory. Thank you Beacon Hill Resources for hosting me and sharing your visionary pathway to ‘steel greatness’. I look forward to returning towards the end of the year when your new plant is ready to roll.

This issue also looks at the future of South Africa’s deep level gold mining sector and for this I present you with a crystal ball since I don’t think there is a more concrete way of predicting this sector’s future. I have chatted to a variety of experts on the subject and one thing is clear – we all have a common goal, which is ensuring our mines keep mining. They are after all still a significant economic contributor and a massive employer – 500 000 people – directly. A lot of technological work has to be done though and government intervention and industry collaboration is urgently required. But I know everyone invited will come to the gold party and find a solution to operating profitably, safely and comfortably at depths which as yet remain unheard of.

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