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Mining Review Africa Edition 5, 2013

In this edition, we feature, among others a very readable article by Otsile Matlou, a senior employee at ENS law firm. To digress momentarily, it must be noted that even members of the legal profession have a sense of humour. I had to phone Otsile to discuss some minor edits to his article and mentioned in passing that I thought, for a lawyer, he wrote really well. This elicited a dry chuckle on the other end of the receiver. However, if you are involved in the mining industry in South Africa, I urge you to read Otsile’s article. It is disturbing to think what might happen to our natural resources industry should the amendments of the MPRDA become law. While you are delving into the magazine, also read about companies involved in West Africa’s iron ore boom – particularly an article about the gold explorer, Roxgold, which will be bringing an orebody with a ten-year life of mine into production. The interesting thing about Roxgold is the Yaramoko orebody, which boasts a grade of nearly 23 grams a ton. Remarkable.

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