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Clearly, despite all the challenges and difficulties our industry has been through or may continue to experience moving forward, there is always something to celebrate. That is what makes this job worthwhile!
- Laura Cornish, Editor
Issue 5
My recent visit to Northam Platinum’s Booysendal (UG2 North) mine reminded me why I haven’t grown bored with the industry I write about day after day – for more than a decade now. It’s because no two mines are exactly the same and every site visit I’ve made has left a unique impression. I truly believe this having visited many mines across different continents over many years. Honestly, if I think back to some of the mines I have had the pleasure of seeing for myself, they have each offered an experience unlike any other, allowing me to remember each one for its own special reason.
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In many ways, a mine is like a person – it has unique characteristics, appearance and style.
- Laura Cornish - Editor
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