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Clearly, despite all the challenges and difficulties our industry has been through or may continue to experience moving forward, there is always something to celebrate. That is what makes this job worthwhile!
- Laura Cornish, Editor
Issue 7
Britain’s decision to exit from the European Union has stunned the world and become a hot topic of conversation. Opinions on the move vary greatly for and against it, as reflected in the vote itself which was split almost exactly down the middle with 48.1% to stay and 51.9% to leave. No one knows for sure what the best result should have been – yet. It did however remind us that gold remains a safe haven during times of uncertainty.
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It is essential that all stakeholders within the industry (government, labour and mining houses) work together in an open and transparent manner to find resolution on a Mining Charter that best caters to everyone’s needs and expectations
- Laura Cornish - Editor
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