Yes, commodity prices are up, but not to the extent we would like and consequently, everyone is still moving with caution and keeping tabs on every penny being spent.”
- Laura Cornish, Editor
Issue 9
If I could theme this particular issue of Mining Review Africa, I would theme it ‘INSPIRATION’. This was not my or Chantelle’s intention, nor did I realise it until our page plan design for the issue was complete. Nonetheless, the magazine is full of inspirational messages and mining activities that are sure to make you smile or brighten your day.
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It has been ages since I last spoke with a company who isn’t frantically trying to raise cash or get its project into construction and development, but is rather spending its time evaluating a prospective area and determining its potential mining value
- Laura Cornish - Editor
Doing business in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Coal to power project to fulfi l Zambia’s power shortage
Environmental upliftment for South Africa’s historic gold mining sites
Mines face environmental and community ‘push back’