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Mining Review Africa Issue 1 2019

2019 Let us journey into the future together

As 2018 quickly becomes a distant memory one must ask – are you ready for 2019? Preparing for a new year is difficult when you are operating in the midst of a sector not quite certain of its own future. Upon quick review, the last 10 years have comprised a series of small highs but mostly big lows.

Even though most commodity prices have climbed out of their seemingly bottomless pits, most of us remain wary of a sudden return to that dark hole that threatens our industry’s very existence.

But, and this is a big but, let’s not dwell on this possibility too much but rather take advantage of the market upswing we currently find ourselves in, and acknowledge that we should always be prepared for any future scenario.

Like you, Mining Review Africa is feeling optimistic and hopeful for the year ahead. On the back of a very strong year, our print publication is looking to maintain the excellent editorial momentum we delivered in 2018 and build on this in 2019. We must maintain our position as the number one mining publication in Africa.

It is with this focus that we are also looking to build on the phenomenal traction our brand has gained across our online platforms – miningreview.com and its associated daily newsletters and social media channels.

In this regard, our bragging rights exceed even those of our print publication. Our website grew in audience by a massive 80% in 2018 which has set the building blocks in place to launch some exciting digital initiatives in 2019 – look out for our video cameras at Mining Indaba. This growth has and will continue to position our website as one of the leading mining news websites across the globe – half a million readers can’t be wrong after all!

miningreview.com offers our readers and advertisers the opportunity to reach the widest audience possible and is a daily must-read if you want to stay tuned to the news driving our industry. It should be used as a daily guide to refine your business direction. No other mining website that I’m aware of can boast about such unbelievable growth so we know we’re giving our readers exactly what they are looking for!

As we build on our online platforms this year – by introducing live webcasts, delivering exclusive video content and launching an app to support our news feed, I invite you to join us on our digital growth journey and be a part of the digital revolution that is already changing all of our lives.

Let our January 2019 edition be your guide to preparing for the year ahead – it is filled with a wide variety of topics that you can benefit from reading.