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Mining Review Africa Issue 1 2020

New decade New opportunities?

By the time you read this the first month of 2020 will have come and gone. Nonetheless, let me take this one opportunity to wish Mining Review Africa’s faithful readers and supporters a happy New Year.

So, what does the year hold in store for the mining industry? If we’re honest, no one really knows the answer and 2019 proved that. Take the battery metals sector for example. Graphite, lithium and cobalt took serious price dives over the year – in contradiction to expectation.

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What does that mean for 2020? We’ll have to wait and see. What we do know for certain is that the EV market will make a bigger mark on our everyday lives; we just don’t know when. At least that fact offers a positive outlook for the battery metals sector, albeit possibly in the longer term.

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Gold is still living the high price dream, as is palladium. I doubt that will change in a market reliant to some degree on crystal ball forecasting. Let’s hope this will ignite some serious exploration on the African continent this year – at least for gold. We’re covering this very topic in the February 2020 edition, so keep your eyes out for that one.

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Reviewing our bumper January 2020 edition – I guarantee you the very best content that you must take the time to read. It covers not only some of the hottest projects performing at present but also a few that are going to make significant headway this year.

This includes a story on the Palabora Mining Company (PMC) – when last did you read about this prominent South African miner? Having had the exciting opportunity to visit the mine late last year and travel by kibble to the bottom of the new ventilation shaft currently under construction, I am able to give you some fantastic insight into this operation.

Beyond that, we have put together a content-rich Mining Indaba supplement, covering all the trending topics in mining, from finance and technology to sustainability. Let me ask you this one question – can you afford NOT to read it?

No matter what happens this year, I wish all our readers and their businesses a prosperous 2020! May the new decade mark the beginning of a successful and rewarding year for everyone. I look forward to catching up with you at Mining Indaba.