2021 What we don’t and DO know

2021 – what do you have in store for us? It’s the burning question we all wish we had the answer to as COVID-19 and the variant new strains continue to drive uncertainty in our day-to-day lives and routines.

As I sit here contemplating our immediate future, and the future of our industry, I naturally have concerns. Lucapa Diamond Corporation announced on 13 January that the Lesotho government had imposed a 14-day lockdown which required that mining activities at its Mothae diamond operation be temporarily suspended. I didn’t expect that so early on in the New Year.

Will more countries follow suit? Will more mines suffer the consequences? I really hope not.

In my honest opinion, I do believe that the industry has shown resilience (once again) and in 2020 quickly adapted to the new environment in which we found ourselves. But is it enough and how do we balance the importance of economic stability with the health of our workforces? The list of uncertain and unanswered questions just goes on.

There are a number of vaccines in the pipeline that promise to deliver the solution we so desperately seek. I wonder if mineworkers will make the early cut to receive this as they are essential workers. This of course will become a huge point of interest over the year and Mining Review Africa plans to cover the progress of this as it happens.

No matter what lies in store for us, one thing I am sure of is that we, as an industry, will work through this together and come out on the other side stronger for it. And our first edition of 2021 demonstrates this perfectly. We have provided you with an array of 2020 project leaders who have proven without doubt that despite the trying circumstances they found themselves in, pushing forward without fear and delivering on commitments promised would not be compromised.

These are stories of inspiration and courage and I suggest reading about them if you are looking for motivation or proof that COVID-19 does not have to put a damper on your objectives. These are the stories we intend to bring our readers every month and there are many out there.

Sadly, we won’t be connecting in person at Mining Indaba to talk about this further, but there is a whole digital world out there that continues to teach us that we are not completely isolated. So let’s explore these options fully and embrace the benefits associated with it – and keep those communication channels open. There is no better way to learn from each other than by connecting. Mining Review Africa is here to be the platform bridge that drives this, as we always have been and will continue to be moving forward.

Reach out: let’s talk and let’s work together to see the industry through this, fearlessly!