Electra Mining Africa 2018 pumped

I find myself still recovering from Electra Mining Africa 2018 – it was pumping! Hundreds of stands, and hundreds of clients to network with.

At the end of a very hectic five days – I hope you’ll agree that the fruits of all your efforts in super stand designs, exciting product launches and innovations will be worth it. May your order books flow well into the future!

The full Mining Review Africa editorial team and I were on site to hear the key equipment suppliers; and in order to keep the benefits of your message flowing, have delivered it to our global mining audience network via our Miningreview.com YouTube channel. If you want to hear about innovations that could revolutionise your operation – I would highly recommend visiting our page to hear about these exciting developments in more detail.

You can visit https://www.youtube.com/ user/miningreviewafrica to see them all or alternatively take a look at our video section which you will find if you scroll down on our home page to below the news.

With Electra done and dusted, I now look forward to seeing an equally successful Kenya Mining Forum, which is set to take place on 12 – 13 November in Nairobi, Kenya.

This annual event shines a light on the Kenyan mining industry and highlights key role players and government initiatives to boost investment into the sector. It also showcases key equipment and service providers who are equipped to service this East African hot spot.

And while former mining cabinet secretary Dan Kazungu has moved on to new and exciting ventures, his replacement John Munyes is showing his ambitions to continue the good work government is looking to achieve in the coming years.

“The mining industry is looking forward to contributing to the Kenyan Government’s Big Four Agenda, as the mineral industry provides key raw materials for at least three of these four pillars, which include manufacturing, universal healthcare, affordable housing, and food security,” says Moses Njiru Njeru, the CEO of the Kenya Chamber of Mines, the hosts of the upcoming Kenya Mining Forum.

“Kenya remains an exciting new mining destination on the continent. The nation’s upbeat tempo and progressive mind set is ready to embrace technology and innovations to leapfrog the entire mining value chain towards becoming a modern mining player. For example, an extensive airborne survey of Kenya is underway to identify all the mineral opportunities.”

If these ambitions can be delivered, Kenya’s mining sector can only look forward to a promising future.

Because Mining Review Africa is connecting closely with our industry via social media platforms, we took to Twitter to find out what the general sentiment is with regard to Munyes and the country’s potential future for mining.

And the outlook was a good one!