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Mining Review Africa Issue 6 2019


For those of you suffering from the mid-year slump, paging through the June edition of Mining Review Africa should give you a quick and effective ‘pick-me-up’.

With an array of Africa’s hottest mining projects to whet your appetite, I can guarantee they will leave you feeling ready to tackle the second half of 2019 with enthusiasm.

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Interestingly, half of the projects featured are located in South Africa and serve as a reminder that the country’s mining sector is far from reaching its twilight years, contrary to the popular belief of so many of our service providers.

While on the topic of mining in South Africa, I’m glad to have the opportunity of congratulating Cyril Ramaphosa on his recent inauguration as the country’s president and even happier with his re-appointment of Gwede Mantashe as minister of the newly established department of mineral resources and energy. This was announced as part of the president’s cabinet reshuffle which has reduced the size of the executive leadership team.

I have every confidence that Minister Mantashe will cement confidence from investors in a more stable mining environment in South Africa – although we cannot deny President Ramaphosa still has to resolve bigger challenges that also have an impact.

Nonetheless, I believe the general consensus is one of optimism that our country’s future holds more promise.

Returning to the topic of the content that fills the pages of our bumper June edition, we have additional features on two on-trend topics – water and consulting engineers and project management.

Having delved into both subjects at length, it has become clear that firstly – water preservation is absolutely critical, not only primarily to save money, but also to save but to save the environment; and secondly – our engineering fraternity must adapt to meet the financial and production needs of the mining industry which is constantly in need of executing new work on the tightest of budgets.

So be sure to read at length about who is shedding light on how best to meet the demands on both fronts in this edition, which has an abundance of interesting, thought-provoking ideas to revolutionise the way you do business or even how you think about doing business.

We have entered a new era of building smart mines, cash conservatively and with respect for all our stakeholders and the environment in which they live. Mining Review Africa should definitely be considered your guide in how to effectively achieve this.