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Mining Review Africa Issue 6 2021

Technology in mining

Exploring below the tip of the iceberg

My last editor’s comment for 2021 – where did the time go? COVID-19 has definitely accelerated many things: one is time and the other is technology!

Bridging the divide between collaboration and isolation may have been a challenge when this pandemic gripped the world, but the world has overcome it, and this is certainly the case when looking at the mining industry.

We’ve collectively been quick to innovate because, let’s be honest, we’ve had to. Nonetheless, the mining industry has taken technology by the horns and is running with it. There are many examples I could offer to demonstrate this but that needs a magazine of its own. However, in saying that, let me get to my point quickly since my space here is limited.

The mining industry’s technology adoption can be compared to seeing an iceberg in the artic.

What do I mean? In essence, our industry has uncovered its own technology iceberg, but only above the water. What lies below the water represents the true extent of how far technology can take this industry and so, while we’ve started this journey, I believe we still have a long way to go and a lot more to explore at depth. But it’s good to know we are well on our way towards a new destination designed to make the mining industry of tomorrow more sustainable, profitable and adaptable to ever-changing circumstances.

It’s good to see us tackling our iceberg head on! If you haven’t naturally concluded that this edition of Mining Review Africa explores technology in mining, then let me confirm it now. We have provided you with a wealth of great content that showcases where the industry stands on its technology journey, successes and areas that need more work.

Let it be said that this publication is travelling right alongside the industry and is committed to providing platforms – print, digital and social media – from which you can learn, share and gain great insights.

I’m so committed to technology that even my photo reflects it! Wishing you a December period of recovery, relaxation and reflection